Women Cropped

When a girl is born, she becomes more than just a little girl!  She becomes a daughter, a sister, a cousin, a niece and a friend.  As she grows and moulds into a young lady, she becomes a girlfriend, a BFF and a bestie.  Soon she becomes an aunt, a wife and then her entire life changes.  She becomes a mom.  She may be a mom at home, a working mom, a single mom, a step mom, a foster mom, a spiritual mom and eventually she becomes a grand mom.  She understands the circle of life, why her mom did the things she did and what its like to love someone else even more than she loves herself…

women n babies

Her roles changes but one thing remains the same.  She wants the very best for her home, her family, her precious little ones and her favourites.  There is nothing she wouldn’t do or sacrifice to make their lives a little easier, a little better and a little happier.  Even if it means a little more of her sacrifice.  She fights for them & she strives for them… To the world she is just someone but to someone, she is the world!  She is a comforter, a nurturer, a mentor, an educator, a mender, a shoulder to cry on, a cheerleader and the Calvary when in need.  She cries for you and she will pray for you!  She is your no.1 supporter and one thing is certain, she will always be on your side.  She is a Superwoman or a Supermom (sometimes both) with Superpowers!  She has a different face for a different place…

every stage of life

To that girl who was born, we want YOU to know that we see YOU, we appreciate all YOU do and we had YOU just in mind when we created this brand.  We understand YOU, we know YOU, we are YOU and this is just for YOU.  We want YOU to know that YOU are our world!  That even Superwoman with Superpowers need timeout to mend, recover, recuperate and rejuvenate…  Let us pamper and spoil YOU.  Let us create the very best version of YOU.  We know that YOU want the best for YOUR homes and YOUR family and we want the best for YOU…

womens life

Visit us at In Perfect Harmony Lifestyle Store, opening Soon on Woman’s Day.  We want to honour and celebrate YOU and everything that YOU do.  We want YOU to step out of the minute to minute pace of life and unwind and relax.  We understand that when YOU are relaxed, feeling loved and appreciated that your world also becomes that too.  YOU can choose from our beautiful ranges of products, handpicked with YOU in mind or our amazing SPA filled with treatments custom made for JUST FOR YOU.


We know that YOUR heart is YOUR home and we want to help YOU create the most beautiful homes.  A safe haven, YOUR little piece of heaven on earth.  We will help YOU be in accordance with the laws of nature & introduce YOU to FENG SHUI..  An ancient practice to heighten awareness to bring about positive change.  Where we create YOUR beautiful spaces with this beautiful and natural process to attain balance and live IN PERFECT HARMONY.


This is where we create BEAUTIFUL FACES and BEAUTIFUL SPACES.  We want to make a difference in YOUR life and bring about positive change, so come along and visit us soon.  WE are right next door to Funky Monkey, so you can bring along your little ones for play time and YOU can enjoy some much needed and deserved pamper time with US.


We are so looking forward to meeting YOU there


Lots of love and warmest regards