BE the CHANGE you WANT to see in the WORLD


BE the CHANGE you want to SEE in the WORLD

Gandhi said this years ago and he could not have been more accurate!  We can’t change the world that  surround us, whether it is World Politics or Climate Change but we can change how we react to its effect on our life and personal surroundings.  This is what FENG SHUI is.  Two simple words translated, meaning Wind Water.


Like most things discovered centuries ago, such simplicity comes with profound meaning.  It requires us to search into its deeper meaning which refers to everything around us.  The unseen energy or very simply put, positive/negative vibes that affect us.  Like most beautiful things:  Love, hope, faith and belief are concepts unseen but the effects are most certainly felt in a positive way, likewise so too are negative concepts felt such as despair, sadness, fear and contempt.


You see people have FENG SHUI (positive and negative vibes) too.  Everyone knows a person that is constantly nagging and complaining about the people, the country, the weather and nothing seems to make them happy or go their way.  When we see this person, you find yourself drained and more often left with a headache after the encounter and then there is this person with joy and laughter, filled with hope.  The situation around you doesn’t change but the energy they carry affects your change in a positive way.


Science confirms what is said to be FENG SHUI. Energy can not be created nor destroyed but can only be changed.  Just as you feel positive when you encounter a positive person.  Your home or environment can be changed to have the same effect.  Change the energy in your area to promote positive change in your life.



A few years ago, THE SECRET was written, where it speaks about the LAW of ATTRACTION.  What you think about and thank about, you shall bring about.  FENG SHUI is the LAW of INTENTION.  What you think about, thank about and work toward, you shall bring about.  It is not magic.  If you want to have a car, you have to prepare for it by learning how to drive.  This is what FENG SHUI is, designing your world around the LIFE you intend to live.

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Hello again our valued and wonderful clients,

The weekend is upon us yet again and time to let you know how we going to celebrate it but before I do, I thought I would shed some light on the beautiful concept of FENG SHUI.

Many of you walk into our store and often say, it is so peaceful and relaxing.  That the minute you walk in, you automatically start to unwind and relax.  Well, that dear friends, a lot of that has to do with FENG SHUI, an ancient Chinese Art of Placement.  Feng Shui is all about the energy that surrounds us and how we react to it.  Whether it is the soft music that’s playing, or the sweet aroma of the essence oils or maybe the gentle sound of water, are all natural elements of FENG SHUI strategically placed to have balance and harmony.

So many people have this misconception that FENG SHUI is a religion as it stems from the EAST but that’s furthest from the truth.  There is no FENG SHUI god neither is it magic, for there are no tarot cards or crystal balls.  What it is though is SCIENCE.  Feng Shui speaks about direction, energy and the way we react to it.  Applied to our modern day life, we can bring about a sense of tranquility and harmony that we so desire in this in this fast pace, minute to minute lifestyle.

Contact us to learn more about FENG SHUI and how you can apply it to your home and office.  We will be holding Master Classes soon and stay tuned for more up to date FENG SHUI 101.