Onward & Upward

We have MOVED: Onward & Upward
Appreciation Post: With God, all things are possible!!
Most people love the concept of owning a business but very few realize the blood, sweat & tears that goes into actually running a business!! When I first thought of starting my brand, I had no idea of the challenges I might face. I remember my hubby asking me why I wanted the stress of running a business when my life was so comfortable at the time.
Looking back I now understand what he meant.. He didn’t mean it to hurt me but rather to protect me.. Being the strong willed person that I am (stubborn) I went ahead anyway and he has supported me all along the way.
Business hasn’t been as easy as I thought it would be. It took everything I had to build this brand from nothing. The stress of having people that relied on me, gave me the tenacity to push forward. I wanted to provide a good quality service at affordable price & failure wasn’t never an option!!
Earlier this year, I had 3 choices:
Increase our prices
Close our doors
Move our store
After many days & nights of pondering, I chose to bite the bullet & move!! Another move was tough, very tough but I couldn’t have done it without help!!
Thank you to my wonderful friends, family and my team of ladies who worked tirelessly to make it happen!! A very special and most sincere thank you goes out to my only brother, Dillon Govender from Magic Board & cupboards.. I don’t think I would have been able to have done it without you!! The quality of your work and your dedication to your client, has superseded my every expectation!!
To my awesome son, who has never left my side and worked tirelessly, I thank you my boy.. You are my super star!! To my amazing team, my sisterhood of sisters and most especially to wonderful husband for your constant encouragement and faith in me..
I am ever so blessed!! Here’s to a new journey, a fresh beginning..
The new home of In Perfect Harmony
Unit 1D First Floor Accord House
2 Golf Course Drive
Mount Edgecombe

Much Love & Blessings


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