The Principal’s WAY

My Principals way
Hi guys, thank you for the positive feedback I received last week from my email story. I really am delighted that it made an impact, however big or small.

Many of you may already know my little girl, Arazelle. She’s a little diva, the most gentlest & sweetest child. Well most of the time that is, except Mornings. Most morning she’s moody & grumpy child and that is the absolute worst time for this!!!

So, in our home, we would have the battle of the GREATS. Who is the stronger and firmer one and who will get their way. It’s always a challenge dealing with a 5 year old so I would say to her what my principal used to say to us at school, “Arazelle, you have 2 choices, the EASY way or the HARD way, you choose!!” Most days I would win as most principals do but I have to admit that it was very unpleasant, the screaming, shouting, crying, moaning and groaning and I thought that I have to find a better way.

Now, I wake her up a little earlier and out comes the tickle monster!! She is laughing and giggling, screaming of a different kind. She is often stretching for more tickles and instead of moaning & groaning, we have laughter & joy. Which got me thinking, that in life we have the power to chose. We can either dwell in whats making us uncomfortable or chose to for it to stop. It applies to everything not just a grumpy 5 year old. We have just 1 chance at living, why not do it by being happy? Happy with the little things and the big things automatically come!!

Lots of Love

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