French Toast

French Toast

I woke up this morning craving French Toast. It’s one of my favourite things to eat and often takes me back to a time when I was just 28 years old, a single mom of 2 and not sure what my future held in store for me.

I used to eat it alot then!! Just 2 reasons why, 1 ’cause I really enjoyed it & 2 ’cause it was pretty much all I could afford. I remember standing at the window one day, having my french toast & feeling really broken. It was tough that year, very tough. It was Christmas time and I didn’t have much money for clothes or gifts for my children & I think that was my lowest point of my life. I felt pretty much like a failure & I’ll never forget the conversation I had with myself and GOD. .

I told him that I don’t know the plans he may have for me or why I am where I am right now. BUT I know that this isn’t where he wants to be & I know that I am worth so much more. Life may have knocked me down but it won’t knock me OUT. I don’t know how and I don’t know when but I have faith that 1 day I will be standing strong again!!

I will never in all my life forget that time in my life or standing at that window feeling the way I felt. It is times like that, that mould you to who you become. I may have felt like a failure but I never failed to try. Everyone in life has a battle they are fighting. We may do it whilst wearing beautiful clothes but on the inside we are warriors and conquerors.

I am not sure why I felt like French Toast today or why I remembered that story in particular. If it is you who is standing at the window, fear not, it too shall pass & when it does, it will make you stronger & a conqueror

Much love & blessings