From Stages to Ages

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Dear Decorators,

In my previous blog, I had started the showcase of my best friend’s home, a beautiful townhouse in the North of Durban.  If you have missed it, you can find the link below to the master bedroom, entitled Mr & Mrs.  Continuing from there, I have entitled this post, From Stages to Ages.  You must be wondering how unusual for a name.  Well, lets find out why…

If you are a parent, you will remember all the firsts.  The 1st time you found out you were pregnant, to the 1st time you saw your little Angel’s face.  You will count their tiny little fingers and tiny little toes & spend all your time just gazing at them, simply never having enough.  It is by far the most precious time in your life, the stage whereby you are no longer just a couple but now are a family.  There is one thing for certain and will not change, and that is, you will do your absolute best for them!

You will watch them grow from day to day, from nappies & bottles, rocking chairs & bassinets to potties & sippie-cups, action figures and toddler beds.  You start to wonder about play school through to preschool and just as they get to the stage of sleeping through the night, you decide to start again.  Lets add another beautiful soul to our family!  The process begins once again with creating more beautiful memories.

Such has been the case with this family.  They have 2 sons, a little 4 year old and an 11 year old.  Both are growing from one stage into another, the little one from toddler to child and the older 1 from child to tween.  Hence the name, Stages to Ages…

As mentioned previously this is a townhouse, therefore, we had to maximise the space we had.  We created 2 separate bedrooms for their own personal space & personality traits and an adjoining “Little-Man” Cave, for their shared enjoyment.  Since both the bedrooms were small, we kept the floors a natural light wood and walls a soft butterscotch colour so that the rooms appear larger and have maximum light.

Milan is a typical 4 year old pre-schooler, loving cars, legos & all things soccer.  You will see that we have incorporated his likes into the design of the room.  We kept the bulk of the built in cupboards white in colour as white radiates light and creates the illusion of space.  We introduced fun, bold and vibrant colours to match his personality and liven up the room.  The built in toddler bed is the focal point of the room.  The base is glossy yellow and green which is dual functioning, both as storage drawers and a decorative feature.  It is complemented with the matching headboard and a corner side piece.  The corner side piece is designed to look like parts of the rubrics cube, which doubles up as a storage drawer.  He is at the stage where he is growing from a toddler to a child and enjoys only selective soft toys, which we have incorporated as a feature.  The linen is “big boy” linen, as he is slowly growing out of the action figures and cartoon characters.  He is developing his personality and core values, therefore the pictures on the wall are not just decorative but positive affirmations as well, values that he will learn to live by.

Tai, is at the stage where he is a too big for the kiddies but still a bit young for the teens.  Therefore, he is at the infamous tween stage, the in-between-er.  Like most boys his age, he is sport crazy but his absolute favourite is soccer.  He has other interests too, he enjoys drama and is an avid magician.  So when you enter his room, becareful as you might be pleasantly surprised with what might pop out…

Graduating from junior into senior primary does have its benefits.  He is now allowed to invite friends over on sleep overs and vice versa, therefore we have opted the route of a bunk bed in his bedroom.  As mentioned before, we kept the bedroom lightly coloured with shades of grey for a more “grown up” feel.  To soften the design we have incorporated shades of green & blue.  We have mounted a retractable basketball hoop for his personal leisure and a study table for homework & reading.

The Adjoining “Little-Man” cave is every boys dream come true.  It is the perfect hideaway for boys of all ages.  We have adopted, “The work hard, Play hard” concept.  The room is filled with educational pieces from the memory charts on the wall to the alphabet puzzle on the floor.  Then the electronic work station with the laptop & tablet as well as the lego table on the side. The play section, with the flat screen TV, fully fitted with the Play Station as well as the portable handheld gaming stations.  No “Little-Man” cave is ever complete without treats and goodies.  You’ll also find a popcorn and candyfloss machine above the lego table and the infamous gumball machine for extended time of pure enjoyment.  We have used fun, vibrant colours in the design to encourage growth through play.  The pieces we have chosen are all dual functioning, green & yellow ottomans for both deco & seating with the glossy rubric cube corner side pieces for storage.  Once a child enters this room, you will find them busy for hours.  Perfect for the much needed quiet time as well as wonderful play dates.  One thing is certain, this room will be enjoyed by all, mama bear, papa bear & baby bear!

You must be wondering that these designs are so modern & trendy, surely they haven’t been incorporated with the Feng Shui principles which are so ancient?  To answer this question, we have.  We have applied the principals of Feng Shui into these rooms by choosing to enhance the wealth corner of Creativity.  The element associated with this energy is metal and the use of electronic devices as well as the shades of grey & yellow, all enhance this energy.  Just by looking at the aesthetics of the rooms, you will agree, that any child in this environment will be delighted to play and harness their creativity, therefore with the subtle inclusions of these design elements, we have achieved our goal as well as created something beautiful and wonderful.  These gorgeous children will have forever memories in these rooms and it is the greatest pleasure having to watch them create it.

I hope that you enjoyed this piece as much as I enjoyed sharing it with you.  Stay tuned for the next part of this stunning home.

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All the best and warmest blessings,