A Romantic Boudoir

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Dear Decorators

I am super excited as this is my first post as an Interior Design blogger.  I am hoping that this will be the first of many and that it is an enjoyable and informative read for you.  In keeping with the recent celebrations of the month of love and romance, I decided to talk about how to create a romantic boudoir.

Featured above is a modern day Romantic bedroom with a hint of Vintage, oozing with charisma, personality and style.  The bedroom must be warm and comfortable for it is here that we are at complete rest therefore this should be our sanctuary.

In the bedroom above, we have used black, white and grey as the dominant colours, adding shades of red for warmth.  It is a perfect blend of masculine and feminine attributes to appeal to both inhabitants of the this room.  For depth and character we used a host of textures with the embossed quilt, a snow white fur carpet as well as the textured wall covering.  We have created a modern look for this rather quaint room and aspired to create the illusion of space.  The soft light on the bedside is dual functioning, for light night reading as well as to create a softer, romantic look.

From a distance, this looks just like a beautiful creation, however, when you look closer you will find an infusion of East & West with the application of the principles of Feng Shui.  In Feng Shui, we aspire to create balance and harmony.

To create a bedroom similar to this, you can begin by first removing clutter and unnecessary electronic devices.  This style can work with any room shape and size.  The aim is to create a clean and organized look.  We get creative by using under bed storage containers as a storage space. It’s also a great idea to use dual-purpose furniture pieces and to use smart organizers in your wardrobe to make use of all the space inside.  This activates stagnant energy as well as creates space in the room which will allow the air to flow freely through the room, which helps with relaxation and restful sleep.  To activate positive energy like we have done here, you can also add flowers above the nightstand which softens the look and makes it more natural.

The low bedroom furniture pieces is ideal in this room to give it, its peaceful and tranquil look.  The walls and surfaces are simple and delicate in-line with the aesthetics of a romantic boudoir.  We have introduced the colour red into the design to add warmth and depth.  It is also the colour of passion and fire, ideal for that of a bedroom.   The bed is the focal point of this room.  Always keep it away from the window and door for easy accessibility.  Instead, you can adjust it facing the door or in the corner to be the focal point.  Place the rest of your bedroom furniture pieces around the bed keeping most of the floor space free.

This here is an illustration of how we use an ancient practice into modern day living.  To the naked eye, it is just creative decorating but to the trained eye of Feng Shui, it is the perfect combination of colour, texture and decorative pieces to create the balance of energy so that we achieve In Perfect Harmony.

Feel free to comment below and request topics as well.  Should you wish to apply the Principles of Feng Shui in your home, feel free to contact me to show you how.

Many thanks and warmest blessings,