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Dear Decorators

I see myself as a storyteller.  People tell me their biography and I relay their stories not with words but through furniture, fabric and architectural elements.

So, when my best friend, sister and partner in crime, Sham, asked me if I would assist her with the remodeling of her home, I felt both honoured and terrified.  Honoured for she trusted me, enough to tell her story but terrified as this gorgeous diva has a heart and charisma of Lady Di but she’s a fashionista like the Kardashians and somewhere in between, I had to blend the two.  I must admit though, she has had a great input in the design therefore I can not take all the credit.  All I can say is that together, we created a masterpiece!

Like many of us, they live a fast paced lifestyle; the get up and go age with no time to waste, therefore, our design had to suite this kind of living.  It had to be practical as well as spectacular for that is the kind of people they are.  We decided to keep the theme classic with hints of modern sparkle to bring out its character.  This is a typical townhouse whereby space is limited, therefore, we had to get very creative with the way we utilised it as we couldn’t afford to waste any of it.

I will be showcasing the entire home but let’s start with their bedroom.  It’s importance in our life sometimes goes under estimated but it is the place of rest, our sanctuary and haven so that we may have complete relaxation, therefore it simply cannot be under estimated.  The bed is the focal point of the room and takes up most of the space.  It is because of this that we decided to keep the linen classic white as white brightens up the room and makes it appear larger than it is.  The headboard is flat against the wall, decorated in a gorgeous gunmetal suede fabric and diamante beading for a bit of bling.  The diamante adds just the right sparkle to awaken the deep colouring of the fabric and the wood.  We have introduced various layers of throw covers to illustrate how the layering of fabric can add depth and colour to a room.  The yellow and red awakens the tone of the room and brings about vibrance and warmth, factors imperative in any design.  The various size, shapes and colours of the pillows too brings about the same effect.  As you can see the pieces are blending together beautifully, slowly creating a masterpiece.

We decided to keep the design of the furniture classic as that doesn’t date with time as well as it is practical.  We used mirrored doors on the closets as it creates an illusion of space and it becomes dual functioning as a dressing room.  When you open these closets, you would swear that this fashionista shops only in the fashion capitals of the world, London, Paris, Milan!  You name the brand and it is here, from Louis Vuitton to Chanel, Ted Baker to Nine West.  Therefore we just had to create a corner to showcase these beauties.  Ladies, take a step into Rodeo Drive where we created beautiful mirrored edged shelves for her gorgeous bags and a display cabinet for her eye-wear, accessories as well as shoes.  Stepping into the en-suite bathroom, we created a gorgeous his and hers linen cupboard.  It is beautifully decorated with personalised his and hers towels and exudes intimacy with the inclusion of paired candles and a personalised photo frame.  There again, in-line with the classic theme, simple yet elegant, that which will not date!

If you are wondering, has this been an infusion of East and West?  Well, the answer is yes, we have included Feng Shui elements into the design.  This is a couple’s master bedroom therefore the energy we chose to enhance was that of relationship and love.  We have included the colours of red and yellow which activates this energy.  The addition of beautiful variety pillows are both warm and cosy, which automatically makes you feel relaxed and comfortable.  The gorgeous paired candles radiates warmth and soft light, perfect for romance.  These are fine pieces placed with the intention of activating the energy associated with it so that there is harmony in living as well as provide the area with beauty and aesthetics.  You would find that this was an average bedroom.  With the inclusion of colour, variety of textures, decorative pieces and accessories, it became alive with character and personality.  This is what we aim to achieve in all our designs and hopefully yours too.

Stay tuned for the next piece of this beautiful home.  I really hope you enjoyed it,

Warmest blessings,