Having acne as an adult and even worse with my teenage son. In fact, we both were on Roacutane at the same time & can you imagine having 2 grumpy grumps in the same house at the same time? So not cool, right?? RIGHT!!

Whilst going through my Facebook profile earlier, I found an old picture of myself which was taken 20 years ago and as you can see, problem skin remained a constant. You gotta thank FACEBOOK, for keeping your pictures safe, even those that you want to forget.

Many of you already know about my battle severe skin conditions all my life, caused by PCOS which caused acne, scarring from acne, deep hyper pigmentation and pitted skin.

It became my passion to find treatments to help heal my skin & my Journey started with the Aesthet Skin Peel, which stopped the acne, removed the scars by acne, tightened pores & helped fade the deep hyper pigmentation. Thereafter Micro-needling which helped my pitted skin, smooth fine lines and dark circles, giving my over all well being with my skin.

Having clear skin has always been my greatest desire, something that I thought I would never achieve. Just the thought of walking in public, makeup free & confident in my own skin, seemed too good to be true!!!

THEN I took the first step towards the healing & repair of my skin and as most of you can see, with remarkable results but my quest for healthy skin didn’t stop there.

We collaborated with Skin Docs last month to bring you Gluthathione IV Drips & the various products they have to offer. This is where SCIENCE meets NATURE.

Why stop at having restored skin?? Why not RADIATE from the inside out. As most of you know, we will not market a brand that we do not try first. I have been on the Gluthathione Caps, the skin care regime & the collagen powder.

Not only do I feel exceptionally great, my skin has never been so healthy, it actually GLOWS. My Journey brought me from pain and despair to one of joy & confidence. I hope that you too can start your JOURNEY with us too.