The Pursuit of PAIN to PURPOSE

Nothing makes my work day more joyful than connecting with our clients. It may not always be in depth, soul searching conversations but getting to share a bit of myself with you’ll and you’ll with me, brings me such joy & perhaps for you too! It personalizes what we do, clients go from being a name penciled into our diary to friends & we walk this journey together.

When speaking to you guys, there’s always 2 things that are common when we speak about my emails. The first of course are the incredible deals and how we get it and then the little stories I share. The deals are a bit easier, the ladies and I chat about what we think you guys would like and we create packages around that.

The second thing we chat about are the stories I share. That on the other hand is a little more challenging. It takes time for me to think about what I would like to share and I find myself making mental notes of ideas as I want my emails to be of substance and not just another spam email.

So when I heard a teaching on Post Traumatic Growth Syndrome by Dr Robi Sonderegger at our church, this past weekend, I thought what an awesome message to share. He travels to the darkest areas of the world where disaster has hit helping them recover and grow from it. Things that are unimaginable are experienced by these people and whilst most of us have heard about Post Traumatic stress disorder, too few of us have heard about Post Traumatic Growth Syndrome. A new phenomenon where 20% of those affected will turn this pain into purpose. He went onto to teach that these 20% of people had 5 characteristics in common:

1. HOPE – Is is a free will choice that our tomorrow will be better than today & yesterday
2. FAITH – That no matter what it is, it too shall pass
3. GRATITUDE – Is a reset button that tells our brain that despite our circumstance, there is always something to be thankful for!
4. KINDNESS – There is no greater JOY than helping or being kind to someone other than ourselves
5. COURAGE – In taking the first step, in stepping away from our pain and walk towards our purpose

I was really encouraged by this teaching and I hope that you are too. We all have a right to be happy but we can never really be happy if we hold onto the things that hurt us.

Much love & blessings