The Winner’s Way

I lived with my God parents when I was a little girl as my parents moved to a new area and had no one to take care of me. My Dada in particular adored me & I went everywhere with him, sitting in the front seat, like a little princess.

Every Friday, we would make our way to the Victoria Street market. Everyone knew me there ’cause I was quite a little chatterbox, asking questions and absolutely loving the attention I got. At the the tender age of 4, I was quite a little street smart kid and I remember the events of this day as if it was just yesterday despite it being more than 30 years ago. I was walking with my Dada in the first isle and as we passed the flower stall, I stopped to look at the pretty flowers and got talking to the uncle who sold them.

When I looked around, my Dada wasn’t there so I walked along the isle, looking for him but I couldn’t find him. I was worried that he will be looking for me so I decided that I needed to get to the car because he will have to go there. I knew I couldn’t cross the street by myself so I looked for someone to help me. I saw a lady in a scarf with her son. She looked nice so I went to her and told her my name, where I lived, what my telephone number was and what had happened. I asked her to please take me to the car to see if my Dada was there. I described the car and where we had parked.

When we got there, my Dada was already talking to a traffic cop reporting me missing and she told him of the story I told her. This story was told to all the kids even years later of how brave I was.

In this day and age, with so many horrible things happening to our children, we need to equip them on how to react. Of course things are different now and we are more mindful and aware but if they are equipped with a mindset of finding a way, they will not say that they can’t!!

There will always be situations that we think is too big but if we look hard enough, we will find a way to win, its called the WINNER’s Way mentality

Much love & blessings