Naomi David is a non practising Interior Designer, Architectural Draughtswoman & Feng Shui Master Consultant who lives with her husband and little treasures in the most beautiful city of Durban, South Africa. Her journey began in 1999, where she qualified as an Interior Designer under Birthe Gibbons, Gibbons school of Design, Denmark. She practised within the Industry whilst pursuing her thirst to know more and qualified as an Architectural Draughtswoman as well as a Graduate Feng Shui Master with the International Feng Shui Society in 2013.

So how did 'In Perfect Harmony' start for Naomi?

In Perfect Harmony was originally planned to be an Interior Design & Feng Shui store but circumstances changed and In Perfect Harmony became a beauty store.  I have always wanted to impact women in a way that makes them feel valued, loved & treasured & this has been my opportunity to do so.  Within months of its opening, In Perfect Harmony became a specialist slimming and skin care center assisting clients to be the very best version of themselves, gaining back their confidence as well as their smiles.


We want YOU to know that WE see YOU, WE appreciate YOU and WE had YOU just in mind when WE created this created this store which is JUST for YOU. 

We understand YOU and WE know that even SUPERWOMEN need time out to mend, recover, recuperate and rejuvenate.  WE know that when YOU are happy, YOUR WORLD is happy too.  So let US pamper and spoil YOU, from our HEAD to TOE pure indulgence or choose a little sheer decadence from our range of products, HANDPICKED for YOU.

So step out of YOUR minute to minute pace of life and into a sanctuary, so that our wonderful team of ladies can treat YOU like the QUEEN that YOU ARE.  This is where YOU belong and this is where YOU will be TREASURED.  WE simply cannot wait to MEET YOU.

MIND, BODY, SPIRIT, HOME…Whether YOU need a little LIFT ME UP in our pamper zone or a hint of GLITZ & GLAM in our celebrity zone, come through and LET US add a DASH of SPARKLE to YOUR day.  

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity of sharing with you our work that & I hope we can make a difference in your life.

In Perfect Harmony,
“…Specialist Slimming & Skin Care..."

...Perfecting You...

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