About Us

Founded and created by Naomi Prea, this brand offers the most advanced in specialized Aesthetic treatments.  Naomi has been expertly trained in each of her specialized services that are offered at In Perfect Harmony and has passionately grown the brand since its inception on Woman’s Day 2016.

With a strong background in the Architectural & Design field as well as International corporate sales, In Perfect Harmony was originally designed to be a design store.  However due to unforeseen circumstances, the plans changed to an Express Pamper Store. 

The Beauty and Aesthetic industry is ever growing and innovating with advancements from around the world and within a matter of months, Naomi ventured into this dynamic field with very first service offered being Non Invasive Laser Liposuction.

In Perfect Harmony welcomed its very first client in a Grand Great Gatsby way in 2016.  It was a brand new brand, having zero clients under its wing.  This has fast changed to 1000’s of followers and clients, as a result of creativity in providing their clients with world class treatments at competitive prices in a luxurious setting.

Naomi’s passion has always been to impact women in a way that makes them feel valued, loved and treasured.  In Perfect Harmony provides a means to do that, impacting them so they feel confident from both inside and out. You are most welcome to join us on a Journey to being the best version of you.

Call us: 087 231 2002 | 060 710 8299