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Attention all Beauty Therapists!! Do you want to add further value into your business or increase your knowledge in the field of Aesthetics?? In Perfect Harmony brings you the release of our Specialised Aesthetic Master classes. Specialist treatments which work from the inside out..Adding value to your business and generating additional income. Invest in yourself, Empower yourself.. Note from Naomi: I often get asked why is it that I share my knowledge from the industry? Aren’t I afraid that it will hurt my business? My answer is that I wish to empower women like myself to be better and grow! To build and uplift women in the industry reaching heights they never thought they could achieve Aesthetics is my passion, for I have a personal journey of healing therefore if I can help other women reach there goals in business, I’m also helping other women reach their goals with skin. It’s impossible for me to help everyone out there who needs help but I can help other women, help women..