IV Therapy

What’s IV therapy?
IV therapy is the best way to experience all of the benefits of natural vitamins and minerals.  A customized blends of nutrients, administered directly through your bloodstream via IV Infusions 
This safe method allows maximum absorption at all cellular levels, so you can receive the full benefits of the vitamins your body really needs.
What are the benefits?
Our infusions and capsules stand out from the rest..No doubt! 
The key ingredient is a considerable concentration of Glutathione. 
Glutathione is a vitamin produced in the liver and known to be the master antioxidant. As we age, sadly Gluthathione depletes naturally in our body, so there is a need for us to supplement it. 
The benefits include:  strengthening for your liver, bowl, your kidney functioning as well as it detoxs your body thus boosting your body into fighting ailments, disease and functioning at its optimum.
It reduces oxidative stress and boost your metabolism which is phenomenal for weight management.
Since it’s purifying your body at all cellular levels, it gives the skin an overall natural and brightening glow
Included in our drips are Vitamin C & Bco & Kojic Acid, which is why we call it a cocktail 
Vitamin C is your immune booster which will help in the break down of glutahione and it aids in the collagen production: anti-aging 
Bco:  Helps prevent infections and promote cell health by the growth of red blood cells.  It increases energy levels, aids good eyesight, good digestion & healthy brain function as well as improve nerve function.
Kojic’s acid lightens visible sun damage, age spots, or scars. This can result in an anti-aging effect on the skin. In addition to skin-lightening effects,
This is why you choose us:
You can buy buy an apple from an high end supermarket with quality control and standards or the morning market.. 
Both are the same, an apple 🍎 
EXCEPT they have been grown in different conditions with different quality standards,
Like so, our concentrates are top of the range!!
Our End result speak for itself…Let our pictures tell you the story 


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